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9th High Level Expert Meeting - Asphere Metrology on Joint Investigations


9th High Level Expert Meeting - Asphere Metrology on Joint Investigations
Mi, 28. Februar 2018 - Do, 1. März 2018
Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) - Braunschweig, Niedersachsen
Messen und Ausstellungen


9th High Level Expert Meeting - Asphere Metrology on Joint Investigations

In previous High-Level Expert Meetings (HLEM) and workshops, developers, manufacturers and users have confirmed the great interest in asphere metrology.

Both the introduced measurement systems as well as the results of round robin comparison measurements show the enormous potential of this field of technology. In addition,a great need for comparability, standardization and proximity to users was also pointed out.

Our upcoming 9th HLEM 2018 is dedicated to the presentation of measurement results of current lenses, discussion and dissemination of new developments and recent scientific results in asphere and free form metrology for reflective and transmissive surfaces. With this broader scope we aim to supplement our previous events while also addressing asphere and free form metrology to interested scientists, developers and manufacturers.

Seven different samples are available for measurements through friendly support of Asphericon GmbH (Jena), Berliner Glas (Berlin), IOM (Leipzig) and Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (Braunschweig). We do not want to require the participants to measure the large number of samples in one run. In order to carry out a well-founded comparison, we would appreciate, if you could consider the following three lenses in your measurements:

  • small asphere (UPOB #2)
  • standard asphere (UPOB #3)
  • cylinder (UPOB #4)

Due to the demand of the participants a CGH for lens #3 (standard asphere) is avaliable!


D o w n l o a d    h e r e   H L E M   Flyer!

D o w n l o a d    h e r e   the call for papers and contributions!


Planned Main Topics of HLEM 2018

Several (14) companys and institutions performed measurements on the avaliable samples.
Main topic of the conference will be the presentation of the results of the newly produced seven samples.
In addition to presentation on measurements also following topics of interest are:

■ New developments in measuring techniques for aspherical, free form and cylindrical lenses

■ Measurements of small precision optics (as used for endoscopy, mobiles, sensors …)

■ In situ-measurements in complex UP processing lines for aspherical or freeform surfaces

■ Clamping technologies for measurements in aspherical lens production

■ Standardization in the description of aspheres and freeform surfaces

■ Measurements of aspherical surfaces of moulding tools for glass and plastic lenses

■ The influence of coatings on the measurement of aspheric and freeform lenses

■ Other topics related to asphere and free form metrology or production


D o w n l o a d    h e r e
the detailed programme!


Y o u r   c h a n c e   t o   j o i n !

■ Would you like to perform measurements and give a presentation?

■ Would you like to receive more details of the "round robin" samples?

■ Would you like to give a presentation without measurements?

■ Are you interested in participating?

■ Are you interested in the supporting exhibition?

Please send a e-mail with your request to: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!


D o w n l o a d   h e r e
your registration!


9th High Level Expert Meeting - Asphere Metrology on Joint Investigations YSA 2018 - Young Scientist Award 


In addition to the scientific part of the event, which focuses on the topic of asphere metrology, the CC UPOB e.V. will award a prize for the first time in 2018. Young scientists up to the age of 30, have opportunity to present their work to an interested specialist audience during the High Level Expert Meeting. By a jury of the participants the three best works are selected and priced.

Submissible topics are scientific papers from the following areas:

  • precision methods e.g. MRF, SPDT, IBF ...
  • approaches to additive precise optics production
  • cleaning and coating, multi-layer coatings
  • measurement technology and data analysis in the production chain for aspheres and freeforms
  • ultra-flatness; diffraction base plates; nanostructures

Applicants have the opportunity to apply with an abstract in english with a picture and 250 words by 15.01.2018 at the CC UPOB e.V. office.

At the beginning of the conference, the pre-selected works will be presented by the candidates in a short presentation.
During the breaks, the participants can continue to find out about the topics in a poster session.
At the end of the conference, the award ceremony will take place

You will find more details in HLEM Programme.


Key Dates

Measurements & Meeting:

■ Start of Measurements:
   3 April 2017

■ Application for Measurements:
   is Opened

■ Abstract Deadline „None Measurement Contributions“:
   31 November 2017

■ Deadline for Performing Measurements:
   30 October 2017 (3 Main Samples / for Comparison)
   15 February 2018 (4 Additional Samples)

■ Deadline for Submission of Author & Title:
15 December 2017


■ Deadline Registration for Industrial Exhibition:
   31 January 2018


■ Start Registration:
   Registration has started in November 2017

■ Deadline Registration:
   19 February 2018


Organisational Details

Date of Meeting:
28 February - 1 March 20


Please register by letter, fax or E-Mail using the registration form.
Following this you will receive a confirmation.

Attendance fee:
Lecturers: € 150 (1 Person)
Members: € 150
Non-members: € 525

Please pay in advance after receiving the invoice.

By following link you will find recommend accomodation:
This hotel contingent was avaliable until 28 January 2018!

If you are looking for accomodation please request in following hotels:
Best Western City Hotel
Hotel Deutsches Haus
Hotel Fürstenhof
Mercure Atrium Hotel
Vienna House Easy Braunschweig

Get Together:
27 February 2018: Start: 18:30
It takes place in Tiziano Schloss Lounge - Schloss Arkaden
Platz am Ritterbrunnen 1
38100 Braunschweig

Social Event:
After the programme of the first conference day (28 February 2018)
it is planned to visit the AUTOSTADT in Wolfsburg
(Bus transfer is organized by us please see details at "Transfer")
After this visit we will continue with the conference dinner
Here you will find AUTOSTADT

Conference Dinner:
After the visit in Autostadt (28 February 2018) we will have the conference dinner in
Altes Brauhaus zu Fallersleben a traditional german restaurant.
(Bus transfer is organized by us please see details at "Transfer")
Here you will find restaurant location

For participants not travelling with own vehicles but joining the AUTOSTADT visit and conference dinner we offer a bus service.
The bus starts on 28 February 2018 after the conference at PTB site, takes you to the AUTOSTADT visit and later to the conference dinner. After the dinner the bus will take you to recommended hotels as well as the city center.
Please note that with your travel arrangements.

Conference Location:
The conference takes place in:
PTB´s Seminar Center; Bundesallee 100, 38116 Braunschweig, Germany

For your travel by train with "Deutsche Bahn" you can use a special offer. Please check the price and use for booking the phone number in this document (german) or this one (english). (You´ll need Credit Card and codeword "CB Braunschweig")

Do you travel by plane via Hannover? You can use a special transfer service.
Additional information you will find by
following this link.

Do you need any general information?
Don´t hesitate to contact us directly.

Travel in Braunschweig:
If you like to receive more information to travel in Braunschweig you can use this
journey planner.
You can find a public transport planner for Braunschweig region here.

Learn more about all downloadable files of this event here


Mr. Heiko Klawitter
Tel.: +49 531 592-5131
Fax.: +49 531 592-69-5131
Please send e-mails to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Bundesallee 100
38116 Braunschweig





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