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12th UPOB Workshop 2024 - Asphere Metrology


12th UPOB Workshop 2024 - Asphere Metrology
Di, 12. März 2024 - Mi, 13. März 2024
Buderus Arena Wetzlar - Wetzlar, Hessen
Messen und Ausstellungen


12th Workshop 2024 - Asphere Metrology

In the field of asphere metrology, many new advancements were achieved, new measurement procedures were developed and precision was noticeably improved. In previous High-Level Expert Meetings (HLEM) and workshops, developers, manufacturers and users have confirmed the great interest in asphere metrology.

Please learn more about previous events by following links (HLEM 2023, HLEM 2022, HLEM 2021, HLEM 2019, HLEM 2018, HLEM 2017; Workshop 2016; HLEM 2015; HLEM 2013; Workshop 2012; HLEM 2012, HLEM 2010)

In order to manufacture ultra-precise and high-tech optical components and to be capable of further miniaturization, reliable and extremely precise measurement technology is required. Both the introduced measurement systems as well as the results of round robin measurements show the enormous potential of this field of technology. In addition, a great need for comparability, standardization and proximity to users was also pointed out.

Now we plan this new Workshop with topic Asphere Metrology

Save the NEW DATE  - 12th Workshop 2024, March 12th - 13th, 2024!

Following Sessions are planned:

  • Assembly of Optical Systems
    Status: Keynote is confirmed, actually 4 additional lectures confirmed

  • Free-Form and Space Optics
    Status: lectures are requested

  • Measurements on current HLEM samples
    Interested companies will carry out measurements by the end of the year

This Workshop 2024 website will be actualized regularily, do you need any information that is currently not avaliable here?

Don´t hesitate to contact Mr. Klawitter in our administrative office!!

ONE Location TWO Events

In spring 2024 our workshop will again take place in Wetzlar in combination with the local trade fair.
On the one hand our popular HLEM / Worshop series takes place, on the other hand, the intersting W3+ FAIR Wetzlar is held at the same time.

For the second time the Competence Centre Ultraprecise Surface Processing UPOB is taking advantage of the trade shows top class environment to host the 12th Workshop 2024. The two day event with topic Asphere Metrology kicks off the day the fair is set up, March 12th 2024.

The cross-industry platform (W3+ FAIR) for enabling technologies, invites companies from optics, photonics, electronics and mechanics to Buderus-Arena Wetzlar.

Learn more by visiting W3+ FAIR website here. W3 FAIR LOGO CMYK mod208x55px



Workshop Spring 2024

On the one hand our upcoming 12th Workshop 2024 is dedicated to the presentation of measurement results of current lenses (4 parts), discussion and dissemination of new developments and recent scientific results in asphere and free form metrology for reflective and transmissive surfaces.

On the other hand, there are lectures on the assembly of optical systems and Free-Form and Space Optics

With this broader scope we aim to supplement our previous events while also addressing asphere and free form metrology to interested scientists, developers and manufacturers.

The four different samples are available for measurements through kind support of Leica Camera, Innolite and Edmund Optics. The marks on the glass samples were realized by NTG.

UPOB Worksop 2024 Samples 

 Are you interested in taking an active part?

  • Do you want to take part with measurements?
  • Would you like to give a talk on the topics mentioned above?

Don´t hesitate to contact Mr. Klawitter in our administrative office!




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