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IBS Precision Engineering

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Herr Gäbler, Herr Urbanski

IBS Precision Engineering:

For more than 25 years, IBS Precision Engineering has been enabling companies and research institutes world-wide to manufacture leading edge products or instruments where ultra-precision is critical. As experts in metrology (the science of measurement) IBS delivers technology solutions for ultra-precision measurement, motion control or applications demanding the ultimate in geometrical accuracy.

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From ultra precision measurement machines for product qualification to measurement systems in the factory that qualify and improve the performance of production machines, IBS provides unique solutions based on rigorous measurement standards. As supplier to leading OEMs world-wide, end products manufactured using IBS technology include:  carbon fibre jet engine components for the aerospace industry; semiconductor chips with features in the range of tens of atoms and replacement jaw bones for reconstructive surgery. IBS delivers both engineering design services for modules and systems as well as a range of measurement related products.

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Accuracy down to picometer level is offered and traceability to international standards is rigorously implemented through relationship to a network of international metrology institutes. Driven by innovation, IBS thrives on delivering firsts. In the CMM market, the ISARA 400, developed by IBS, is the most accurate three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine available today. With an unprecedented ratio of measurement volume to measurement accuracy, it has a measurement uncertainty proven to within 11 nm by German national metrology institute PTB. For the machine tool market, IBS delivers qualification tools with Industry 4.0 intelligence for ultra-precision measurement of linear axis, rotary table & spindle accuracy.

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IBS offers ultra-precision components for next generation machines; including air bearings and capacitive/inductive sensors. From expert guidance on their application to bespoke design, we can guide you to the precision you need.

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