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Polytec GmbH

+49 7243 604-3901
+49 7243 69944
Dr.-Ing. Özgür Tan
Dr.-Ing. Özgür Tan
Polytec-Platz 1-7

Polytec GmbH

Shaping the future since 1967- Polytec is a leader in optical measurement technology with more than 50 years of experience, subsidiaries all around the globe and around 500 employees. Polytec provides all-in-one the development, manufacturing, and distribution of cutting edge optical measurement solutions for industry and research.

Measuring, characterizing and visualizing precision surfaces in 3D Optical metrology

The optical 3D surface metrology line TopMap provides innovative and precise measurement and quality control solutions for reliable evaluation of high-precision and functional surfaces – whether for in-line or laboratory testing. TopMap optical profilers from Polytec help adjusting manufacturing parameters, staying within production tolerances and improve the overall process capability.


Image 1: Diffractive Optical Element

POLYTEC Diffractive Optical Element


Image 2: Optical surface

POLYTEC Optical surface1


Image 3: Roughness

POLYTEC roughness 50x


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